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LIL DJ is an engaging and interactive turntable platform that gives kids a chance to get behind the “wheels of steel” to manipulate beats and loops for themselves. And unlike every other musical toy on the market, LIL DJ is actually engineered to sound awesome.

The set-up is a nod to the classic two-turntable DJ booth, but designed to give all ages a wealth of tactile and musical possibilities.  The two records and six accompanying colorful buttons can be scratched and pressed to trigger eight unique loops and effects for a given song.  And since variety is the spice of life and no one wants to be around monotonous music, the toy comes with 5 pre-programmed songs in a variety of styles ranging from electronic and reggae/dub to classical and jazz. 

Later on functionality will be added allowing you to import songs from your iTunes library into LIL DJ, so while the family dinner pre-party is happening, your kid can be doing her own signature remix of your favorite music. You’ll even be able to record your own loops and sounds to upload into LIL DJ.


The demo track for Lil DJ’s Ambient Sound set


This is the demo track for Lil DJ’s Classical Sound Set. 


A young lady playing with Lil DJ.  

Photo Set

A few more pictures from Maker Faire 2014.


5 of the Coolest Things We Saw at Maker Faire

Found a new mention of Lil DJ on the web.

Photo Set

Pictures from Maker Faire 2014

Photo Set

A few more pics of Lil DJ.  We’ll get a few from Maker Faire up soon


Here’s the logo for our project.  Thought you might like to see it.



Here’s our first paper prototype in action!  We’re already on a more functional second prototype, and are getting ready for the San Francisco Bay Area Maker Faire, May 17 and 18.  Come visit us!  

Stay tuned for more news.